[Netsurf-develop] Hello there.

Phil Mellor phil at mellor123.freeuk.com
Fri Jul 26 00:31:41 BST 2002

Hello folks,

If you've been around on the Iconbar for a while, you might
know me as Jake Monkeyson.  Well, this is the real me, and
since I've just got on the 'net I thought I'd be able to help
out in the NetSurf development.

It seems my setup is not quite technologically advanced enough 
for me to become a SourceForge user -- I think it requires 
SSL, and I'm only using ArcWeb, but I'm working on it.

In the mean time, what's been going on?  Forgive me if I've
missed some obvious sources of information, but my internet
access is spent with an eye on the clock, so I've only had
chance for a brief look.

Is there a particular roadmap for development -- I've had a 
look at the bit of code that exists, which looks interesting.
Is the plan to write something entirely from scratch?

Anyway, that's my introduction to myself.  Let me know
what I should do next!


Phil Mellor.

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