[Netsurf-develop] Colour Support & Table Colspan

Andrew Duffell andrew at banners.iconbar.com
Sat Dec 28 16:49:34 GMT 2002

In message <f907f1ab4b.james at a7000.strcprstskrzkrk.co.uk> you wrote:

> In message <f873dcab4b.riscos at myrealbox.com>
>           Andrew Duffell <andrew at banners.iconbar.com> wrote:
> > I was taking a look at the colour support, Very Impressive! I loaded up
> > this page http://www.jagular.com/color-tables-17.html and all the colours
> > work :) Just colour names to do now?
> Yes. That page took ages to render, and then ran out of memory. Did it work
> OK for you eventually?

Yes, but I had to drag the next bar up.

> > Another thing I was looking at was tables.  I am usure if colspan and
> > rowspan is working in netsurf because of problems that occured when
> > viewing http://netsurf.f2o.org/
> Colspan is implemented, rowspan isn't. The reason that page isn't
> displaying correctly is that netsurf turns the spaces between the tags in
> to extra table cells. If you remove them all (no spaces in the tables
> except between words), then it works. I'll see if I can fix it.

Ah yes... I see.  I have taken out all the spaces in the page and it works :D

> I'll also see if I can track down that redraw problem :).

Good Good :)


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