Getting the fb frontend to work

Anthony J. Bentley anthony at
Fri Sep 28 01:49:47 BST 2018


Cág writes:
> After successfully compiling Netsurf with the framebuffer frontend on
> NetBSD (it required a patch for the Makefile, attaching it, please
> consider merging it), it doesn't start with either "The sdl surface is
> not available from libnsfb" if run without arguments other than -v, and
> "The x surface is not available..." if run with `-f x`.
> Do I need to install some additional software, or link it with
> something else (I built it with pkgsrc; if you miss an
> `.include <>`, you can run into a problem; currently
> there are gperf, librsvg, lcms, openssl, curl, libxml2, and mng
> included).

Both the SDL and X frontends work fine for me on OpenBSD. Perhaps
worth comparing pkgsrc's Makefile to the one in the OpenBSD ports tree.

My first suspicion is that pkgsrc doesn't include libnsfb, which is
where the surfaces are implemented.

Anthony J. Bentley

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