missing LibCSS

bo0od bo0od at riseup.net
Tue Oct 16 02:04:00 BST 2018

Hi There,

Im trying to build netsurf in debian using these instructions:


but when i reach this step:

      $ cd netsurf

To build the native front end (the GTK front end on Linux, BSDs, etc)
  you could do:

      $ make

it gives me this message:

M.CONFIG: JPEG (libjpeg)	enabled       (NETSURF_USE_JPEG := YES)
M.CONFIG: PDF export (haru)	disabled      (NETSURF_USE_HARU_PDF := NO)
M.CONFIG: glibc internal iconv	enabled       (NETSURF_USE_LIBICONV_PLUG
:= YES)
M.CONFIG: Javascript (Duktape)	enabled       (NETSURF_USE_DUKTAPE := YES)
PKG.CNFG: CSS (libcss)	failed
Makefile:521: *** Unable to find library for: CSS (libcss).  Stop.

i tried to download the source code and done the same steps , i got the
same results.

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