Inquiries About The LibDom Library

Pascal Archambault ehras at
Thu May 31 21:13:45 BST 2018

Hello NetSurf team,

I am an undergrad student currently working on a project aiming to suppleme=
nt NetSurf=92s javascript capabilities. I am still at a learning stage, so =
if the following doesn=92t make sense please try to bear with me.

I have been exploring the code of the netsurf project and the libdom librar=
y, and as such, I had a some questions:

  1.  What is the current status of the libdom project and who is in charge=
 of it ?

  1.  I see that netsurf=92s core dom support is standing at Level 3 DOM, a=
re there any plans for the libdom library to follow the W3C DOM4 recommenda=
tions ? and as such, by contributing to libdom should I try to stick to the=
 Level 3 DOM spec or aim for the DOM4 specs ?

Thank you for your time,

-Pascal Archambault
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