This is regarding libdom library.

Michael Drake michael.drake at
Wed May 2 09:45:27 BST 2018

On 02/05/18 02:59, Naveen Kumar wrote:
> Hi Team,
> I have a requirement to create the library 'libdom' from open  source
> code :- 

> I was not able to find symbols ' GetCurrentColumnNumber ' , '
> GetCurrentByteIndex ' ...etc
> Prefix 'denaliXML' was exected to add as a prefix for those symbols.

None of those symbols have ever been used by or provided by
LibDOM from the NetSurf project.

> .The existing library 'libdom0.4.a' on some other machine  was working
> fine and able to find all the symbols in the log above ..the new library
> which i created from opensource dont have those symbols.I have
> downloaded the code with version 0.3.2,  is it because of version
> change? Please help .....

We have never made a LibDOM 0.4 release.  The latest is 0.3.2.

It sounds like the libdom0.4.a that you were using before is
either a completely different project (that happens to share
the same name) or a fork of libdom with changes that have never
been upstreamed to us.


Michael Drake                    

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