RISC OS Development

Glen Walker glen at xsltpro.co.uk
Mon Jul 9 11:09:17 BST 2018


I have been around in the RISC OS world since about 2015 but have just 
formally announced to the RISC OS Open community that I will be devoting 
my spare time to developing NetSurf on RISC OS...I know this is a little 
back-to-front but I'm announcing it here too!

I wrote a long and waffly post on the forum if anyone is interested:


Progress is likely to be slow and I don't know if anyone else out there 
is working on RISC OS (if you are please say "hi" so I can work with 
you!) but when I have something more to contribute I'll let you all 

In the mean-time happy coding everyone!


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