Please try the latest build

Michael Drake tlsa at
Wed Aug 15 08:49:08 BST 2018


Could people please test build #4403 or later?  (Or build from
latest master, if you compile from source.)

We are close to making a release, and would like to check that
nothing is broken.

I am particularly interested to hear from anyone who can run
the following platforms:

- Amiga
- Atari
- Haiku
- Windows

We have just changed the way that HTTP authentication works,
so I would be grateful if people could check that anything
that requires an HTTP basic auth login still works with the
latest build.

If you don't know any sites which use HTTP authentication,
you can use:

   (Where "foo" is the username, and "bar" is the password,
   and you can change the "correct" username and password
   by changing the URL.)

However, testing with real-world sites is better.

Please try entering the incorrect credentials, the correct
credentials, and canceling the login, by closing the login

Note: the Windows build doesn't yet support HTTP auth, so
       for that platform, I'm just looking for a general
       indication of whether the browser functions.


Michael Drake            

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