Wy netsurf can render on amiga version from chris only if all is load. on windows show page earlier and later load images or other parts

Bernd R nospamname at web.de
Tue Aug 22 15:41:46 BST 2017


I test netsurf windows 3.6 version and amiga os 68k on winuae version with the register page(link in netsurf default page)
the text of the page is much earlier show and 4-5 sec later is show the top image. on the amiga version, the page is only show, when all images are load. I see no setting to change this

BTW: the amiga version crash often, seem compile with GCC 3.4. GCC 3.4 is very buggy in C++. netsurf is no c++, but when a lib maybe use C++ code it can do random memtrash.use of GCC 4.5 on cygwin give good results. 


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