Moving to core build system

Vincent Sanders vince at
Tue May 24 10:32:54 BST 2016

I am slowly implementing the changes necessary to build NetSurf using
the same system as used for all the libraries and tools [1]. If any
developers have feedback on this please ensure those get added to the
wiki page, I am not making these changes arbitrarily and am happy to
receive feedback, what has been done so far is uncontroversial and
generally agreed.

Part of this activity involves updating the source code layout to be
more maintainable. As I proceed with these changes it has become
apparent that many frontends are pulling in headers for core
interfaces they do not use.

It would be immensely helpful if frontend maintainers could look at
their *core* header usage (headers not under frontends directory) and
remove any that are unnecessary. It is especially difficult when
frontend headers include core headers because it is no longer clear
which frontend module is actually using an interface, please can we
avoid this pattern.

Also I have noticed a tendency within frontends to assume they cannot
change core functionality to fix a problem, we are not alone in this
platform problem[2]. I just wanted to remind developers that just
because the source code layout segregates the browser that they are at
liberty to improve all interfaces.


Regards Vincent

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