We're in a mess

Dave Higton dave at davehigton.me.uk
Sun Feb 21 21:13:55 GMT 2016

Guys, we're in a mess.  You'll be aware if you read RISC OS Open

I don't think it should take us many hours of work to tidy it up,

1) We're distributing an out of date version of SharedULib.  We
are sending out 1.12; the most recent version is 1.14 (or maybe

2) The file dates of the resources we ship in !Boot and !System
bear no relation to reality.

3) Although we programmers think of updating !Boot and !System
to be easy, ordinary users don't necessarily feel the same way.
Failing to update is widespread; updating by simply copying
new over old is done by some.

The combination of the above, and non-standard (but entirely
understandable) methods of updating !System, have resulted in
at least one user regressing from SharedULib 1.14 to 1.12, which
in turn stopped one of his important apps working.

Here's what I propose:

a) We update SharedULib to the most recent one.  I don't know if
there is anything about the most recent one that will stop NS
working correctly - I can do my share of testing, and other RO
users will chip in too.  I haven't seen any reports of problems
yet with 1.14, so it looks promising.  Of course, if there is
any known problem, we (and I suppose that means me!) have to
work with the SharedULib devs on an agreed solution.

b) We implement the suggestion from IRC the other evening of
touching the file dates to the last git date.  The file dates
are a safety feature, and, by changing file dates frequently,
we throw the safety away.

c) My best suggestion to assist updating of !Boot/!System is
to provide an app along with the NS archive, which users only
have to double-click on (where it is, in the archive) to perform
the updates via the standard Installer tool.  I've got an app
to offer, in a very nearly finished version, for you to review.

Comments, please!


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