Updating !Boot and !System

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Fri Feb 19 18:54:41 GMT 2016

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> >> What is this "installer module"?
> >
> >*h. installer
> >==> Help on keyword Installer
> >Module is: Installer       0.13 (19 Jul 2012)
> It still looks like a struggle to use it, though. According to
> the help, it can only cope with a single file per command, and
> it has to be given both the source path (which we know) and the
> destination path.

How many files are present in the !Boot/!System updates from NetSurf?
CI 3419 has 
  13 in !Cache
  5  in !System
  78 in !Unicode
so it's not beyond the wit of man to have 91 lines in an obey file, assuming
you use some tool to get their leaf names (or, I suppose, a bit of perl or
whatever to generate the script by the build system).

> And it still copies based on the file date (which we know we
> can't trust) and not the file content. 

Not so. See section 5.2 of the spec 

> Does anyone have any examples of use of the installer module
> that I can look at, please?

Both the "PlingSystem" archive and 5.22 disc image from ROOL include obey
files using it. You can also programmatically start !Configure and open the
respective plugin, but that might be a bit spooky to watch,

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