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>> What is this "installer module"?
>*h. installer
>==> Help on keyword Installer
>Module is: Installer       0.13 (19 Jul 2012)
Thanks, Chris.  I was unaware of the existence of the module!

It still looks like a struggle to use it, though.  According to
the help, it can only cope with a single file per command, and
it has to be given both the source path (which we know) and the
destination path.  So it still means iterating through all the
contents of each new partial !Boot and !System folders in the
NS archive, then inventing the corresponding destination path.

And it still copies based on the file date (which we know we
can't trust) and not the file content.  OK, not such a big deal,
just more disc write operations than we would have in an ideal
world.  Exactly as many as my proposed Obey file would cause,
as far as I can see.

There are references to a backup, which might be a handy safety
belt - although it's not clear to me where that backup might be

Does anyone have any examples of use of the installer module
that I can look at, please?


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