Patch to correct Javascript date() result

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Fri Sep 25 20:04:53 BST 2015

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>On Thu, 24 Sep 2015 22:02:21 +0100, Dave Higton wrote:
>> The error is in duktape.c and, as discussed on Monday, I don't think
>> the code can ever be right - but I've made the deliberate error apply
>> only to platforms other than RISC OS.
>If you can point us to a test page, maybe we can find out whether this
>is RISC OS only or (as I suspect) a problem with all supported

The attached will do.

Please bear in mind that there are various possible paths through the
code that gets the date.  (It's definitely the Date() function that
is in error, not the toString() function.)  So a different platform
may or may not show the error.

The addition of 3600 seconds is such a deliberate inclusion that I
have to ask whether it was required on some platform.  It is my
understanding that localtime() should return the time taking into
account both the time zone and possible daylight savings, so really
it shouldn't be necessary.


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