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>On Sat, 29 Aug 2015 21:07:47 +0100, Dave Higton wrote:
>> All of us on the NS users ML were reminded recently that there is no
>> maintainer of the RISC OS port of NS.
>> I have looked a couple of times at the docs for building the various
>> ports of NS, but, unless I've missed something, there don't seem to
>> be any instructions for building for RISC OS.
>> I understand that it's a cross compilation on a Linux machine (or a
>> very long wait for every build!).  I really have very little idea
>> what I have to install on my Ubuntu box to build NS, nor what to do
>> when I have the build tools.
>> So, have I missed something?
>This, maybe?

It all went well until some way into the build itself:

riscos/bitmap.c:33:18: fatal error: rufl.h: No such file or directory

Indeed find can't find rufl.* in the workspace folder.

I didn't see any message flash past earlier about any missing files -
but that's no surprise, there's lots of text, only a small window,
and slow eyes watching.

Any suggestions?

Btw. it turned out that the cheap Linux notebook, which I had dismissed
as not being good enough to support 64 bits, actually has 64 bit
Ubuntu 14.04 on it.  So it's been easier than I thought - in some
respects, anyway.


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