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Daniel Silverstone dsilvers at
Sun Jul 26 10:08:23 BST 2015

On Sat, Jul 25, 2015 at 21:04:20 +0100, Dave Higton wrote:
> I see you created a development branch for NS with Duktape.  Are the
> CI builds from that branch yet, or will that have to wait until the
> 200 classes and 1500 methods and properties are (completely|largely)
> implemented?

Since the developer weekend, Vincent has been slaving away to rebuild the
automation and code generation (nsgenbind) to use duktape.  My expectation
is that during August Vincent's work will reach the point that we can
all pitch in to produce enough of the bindings to reach parity with the older
JSAPI binding.  At that point we'll likely switch to duktape, but not before
since we don't want to have a feature regression on master if possible.

Once that work is in place, we'll gladly receive patches to increase our
coverage of the DOM.  A lot of the work is just slightly too hard to automate
but can be fairly easily cranked out by a human once everything is in place.

If you[*] are interested in helping with this then you should start by
becoming familiar with the layout and the navigation of:

And you may find it helps to get a basic feel for duktape:

Also, obviously, having a vague understanding of the layout of the NetSurf
repositories will help you.  Particularly a feel for NetSurf's browser_window
functionality and also libdom.

This is, surprisingly, a fairly good way to get into working on NetSurf since
once you can build NetSurf, adding functionality to the JavaScript
implementation should be one of the more easy to get into ways to hack on the

I hope all that helps you understand, Dave, and encourages at least one of the
readers of this mailing list to contribute either before the duktape merge or
after it :-)



[*]: Dave Highton, or *anyone* reading this message

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