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Tue Feb 3 00:43:40 GMT 2015

On 2 Feb, "Glen Walker" wrote in message
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> I have just downloaded the latest source (v3.2) for NetSurf and it seems
> to be missing any instruction for building it on RISC OS (despite one
> document alluding to a file called "BUILDING-RISC_OS" which doesn't appear
> to exist?)
> I also could not find any RISC OS specific instructions on the website.
> Is it generally preferable to develop and build this on another machine?

NetSurf certainly can be built on RISC OS, but I'm not sure if there are any
active developers who actually do it on a regular basis. I build on Linux
using the GCCSDK cross compiler, as it's a lot faster and comes with better
support for source control and the like.

I've probably got some notes somewhere from the last time I tried building
NetSurf natively on RISC OS. I've an idea that the process may have changed
recently, however, so it might be best for me to hang fire on digging those
out until others more knowledgeable have had a chance to comment.

Steve Fryatt - Leeds, England

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