Michael Drake tlsa at netsurf-browser.org
Mon Feb 2 21:40:29 GMT 2015

On 30/01/15 10:49, Glen Walker wrote:
 > Hello Everyone,

 > I have signed up to this developers list because I am keen to help
 > out in the development of NetSurf.  My dream is  to have a first
 > class browser available for RISC OS users (which will encourage
 > more people to use and stick with  the platform).

Great, the RISC OS front end certainly needs someone to work on it;
it's  not had very much attention lately.  To do much with NetSurf,
you'll need to know C.

 > I have not got my hands on the source code yet and thought I'd
 > introduce myself first.  If anyone has any good advice about
 > where I should start looking

The best place to start is probably to build NetSurf.  There are
instructions here:


You will have to cross-compile to build for RISC OS.
Actually, improving the documentation for cross compiling would be a
helpful thing to start with.

The best place to ask for help is probably here or on IRC (#netsurf on

 > what would you like me to work on, etc

You could look though the bug tracker for RISC OS-specific issues and
feature requests, and see if anything takes your fancy.  Otherwise, I
suggest using NetSurf for a bit and working on whatever aspects you feel
are most lacking, or most interesting.



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