Issue 2339 (case sensitivity has no effect)

Dave Higton dave at
Thu Dec 24 17:53:16 GMT 2015

-In- message <567BD604.7050505 at>
          Michael Drake <mike at> wrote:

>Hi Dave,
>I replied on IRC, but from your subsequent comments, you didn't see that.
>On 30/11/15 22:15, Dave Higton wrote:
>> I also have some questions:
>> 1) Are the first two additions necessary or desirable?
>They shouldn't be needed but should do no harm.  When you call
>browser_window_search the state of those buttons should be set as
>appropriate via callbacks anyway.

That's what I thought, but I couldn't follow the code well enough
to be sure.

>> 2) Do other platforms have the same problem?
>The core search implementation is a bit broken, and that is where the
>fix belongs.  However I'm not really interested in fixing it at the
>moment, since the core search code will be thrown away when we do the
>new layout engine.
>If your workaround improves things on RISC OS, then I don't mind 
>applying it.

It does, but I'll re-submit it some time this evening (the meal is
ready now) without the unnecessary bits.



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