Issue 2339 (case sensitivity has no effect)

Michael Drake mike at
Thu Dec 24 11:24:52 GMT 2015

Hi Dave,

I replied on IRC, but from your subsequent comments, you didn't see that.

On 30/11/15 22:15, Dave Higton wrote:
> I also have some questions:
> 1) Are the first two additions necessary or desirable?

They shouldn't be needed but should do no harm.  When you call
browser_window_search the state of those buttons should be set as
appropriate via callbacks anyway.

> 2) Do other platforms have the same problem?

The core search implementation is a bit broken, and that is where the
fix belongs.  However I'm not really interested in fixing it at the
moment, since the core search code will be thrown away when we do the
new layout engine.

If your workaround improves things on RISC OS, then I don't mind 
applying it.

Michael Drake                 

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