NetSurf 3.2 released

Michael Drake tlsa at
Mon Sep 1 18:37:47 BST 2014

The NetSurf developers are happy to announce NetSurf 3.2. This release
contains many bug fixes and improvements.

It is available to download from

Binaries are available now for RISC OS and AmigaOS 4 systems.

NetSurf 3.2 is primarily a bug-fix release. In addition to bug fixes and
tidy-ups, a disc cache feature has been added, and a little work has
been done to improve CSS3 support. Several of the front ends have
received quite a bit of attention, with new features and improvements;
notably the GTK, AmigaOS 4 and Framebuffer front ends. We recommend all
users upgrade.

A more detailed and complete list of changes is given below.

   Core / All platforms

   * Improved building on OpenBSD.
   * Improved interface between front ends and core.
   * Improved internal URL handling.
   * Cleaned up many internal interfaces.
   * Added support for disc caching.
   * Fixed treeview selection issue.
   * Fixed line breaking of plain text with multi-byte sequences.
   * Improved out-of-memory handling.
   * Added support for overflow-x and overflow-y CSS3 properties.
   * Improved web search feature.
   * Improved internal task scheduling.
   * Improved support for Unicode URLs.
   * Fixed issue relating to CSS imports.
   * Improved debug dumping of box trees.
   * Fixed SSL certificate viewer lifetimes bug.
   * Fixed HTML ordered list numbering issue.
   * Fixed DOM tree debug dump.
   * Fixed handling of malformed URLs.
   * Fixed text selection.

   * LibCSS library (CSS parser and selection engine):
      + Added support for CSS3 overflow-x and overflow-y properties.
      + Fix to !important handling with play-during property.
      + Improved test coverage.

   * LibDOM library (Document Object Model):
      + Implemented many missing specialisations of HTMLElement.

   RISC OS-specific

   * Fix for toolbar width calculation.
   * Code clean-ups.
   * Added option to use disc cache.


   * Improved configuration handling.
   * Improved commandline usage.
   * Enabled disc caching.
   * Improved context menu.
   * Fixed gdkpixbuf usage issue.
   * Improved view source, and debug features.
   * Improved main menu.
   * Improved developer options.
   * Added options to open view source, etc, in new window, tab,
     or editor.
   * Many code clean-ups.
   * Internationalisation fixes.


   * Removed Cairo.
   * Improved installer script.
   * Enabled disc caching.
   * Improved line splitting behaviour for text wrap.
   * Improved web search.
   * Improved hotlist menu.
   * Improved task scheduler.
   * Wait for network activity, rather than polling for it.
   * Improved throbber operation.
   * Fixed tab bar update failure issue.
   * Improved favicon handling.


   * Various fixes.


   * Made several little bug fixes.


   * Added Unicode support to internal font.
   * Added codepoint rendering to internal font, for missing glyphs.
   * Added scaled glyph rendering to internal font.
   * Added support for window resizing, were underlying surface
     supports it.

   * LibNSFB library (NetSurf Framebuffer):
      + Made SDL surface resizeable.
      + Fixed rendering for 1bpp glyphs with greater than 1 byte width.

   Also included are many smaller bug fixes, improvements and
   documentation enhancements.

Michael Drake              

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