NetSurf Society Financial Report

John-Mark Bell jmb at
Sat Nov 15 14:09:48 GMT 2014

NetSurf Society Financial Report, November 2014


This is a summary of the society's financial status as of 2014-11-15.

No income is reported for this period.

All outgoings have been in the form of reimbursements for
project-related activities.

As resolved at the 2010 AGM, the society will now pay up to 15 pence per
mile for mileage.


Balance carried forward:                                1648.21


         Michael Drake -- train tickets:
             EDB->CBG->EDB        Dev. Weekend Jan 2014  (102.20)
         Vincent Sanders:
             Hosting for CI system                       (340.25)

Remaining Funds:                                        1205.76


The project did attend the Wakefield 2014 show. The income and
expenditure statement for the show did not make it in time to be
included in this report.

As a result of the complexities of international tax law, the
expected income from GSoC will not be forthcoming. There is an
option to donate it to the Software Freedom Conservancy. This
should be decided at the AGM.

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