Considration for writting program in Java language in Google summer of code 2014

Rob Kendrick rjek at
Sun Mar 9 10:55:50 GMT 2014

On Sun, Mar 09, 2014 at 04:18:15PM +0530, Shabnam Hasan wrote:
> Respected sir,
>                    I am a 3rd year student in computer science
> branch,from Institute of Engineering and Technology, Lucknow, Uttar
> Pradesh, India.I want to apply for the Google summer of code 2014,under
> Netsurf mentoring team.As i was reading the contents under Netsurf page,i
> got to know that the whole program will be written in C language,i want to
> ask,is it possible that i do the programming in java language?This is the
> only problem i am facing.Otherwise,i have broad knowledge of CSS,HTML,WEB
> BROWSER and Document Object Model.

As I said to you personally earlier, no.  NetSurf and its libraries are
written in C, and we won't entertain moving to another language because
of NetSurf's aims to be small and fast.


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