Persistant disc cache

Vincent Sanders vince at
Thu Jun 5 16:01:05 BST 2014

I am pleased to be able to announce that I have enabled the persistent
source object cache on the RISC OS build. This means that RISC OS CI
builds from #1956 onwards have the capability to store cacheable
objects fetched from from the web to disc.

This cache will reduce the amount of data downloaded for many web
pages (in some cases dramatically) and should improve the overall user

The tradeoff here is using disc space (and some memory for book
keeping) in return for a reduction in bandwidth usage and latency. If
your system has limited disc or memory you may wish to disable this

The amount of disc used for this cache is selected using the
disc_cache_size option in the choices file. The RISC OS frontend does
not currently have a user interface to set this value. The cache value
is number of bytes to use on disc and a value of 0 will disable the
cache completely. The default value is set to a gigabyte.

This feature uses the !Cache resource from Adam Richardson which is
distributed as part of the !Boot resources in every CI release
build. The !Boot should be merged to get this installed. If !Cache is
not available the cache will be disabled.
Regards Vincent

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