Amiga nsfont_split

Chris Young chris.young at
Sun Jun 1 08:54:31 BST 2014

On Sun, 18 May 2014 23:07:26 +0100, Michael Drake wrote:
> Well anyway, the first and last state of the log you provided were
> identical.  Splitting 132 chars ("No it's not.  It's licensed nationally
> for the transmitters specified in the licence.  It's the same multiplex
> all over the country."), at 550px.  The first time it split at 100
> chars, and the second time at 110.

It seems the problem was that the conversion to UTF-16 was randomly
inserting a BOM at the start of the string.  When it was present, the
string characters were all pushed along by one (and probably never
checked the last character), and the first character was always size

The extra character must have affected the number of characters
NetSurf thought it could fit in the space, even though it was zero
width.  Anyway, I'm confident this is fixed now.


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