Object fetchers moved to scheduled operation

Vincent Sanders vince at netsurf-browser.org
Tue Jul 1 09:25:38 BST 2014

As a continuation of the work done by Daniel to adjust the llcache
behaviour to use scheduler for user notification I have now changed
the fetcher system to also be run from the scheduler.

The fetcher API has been simplified to remove the need for polling
from the main loop which gets us very close to netsurf_poll() becoming

The API has also been extended with fetcher_fdset() which allows the
fd sets of all active fetchers to be obtained for frontends that wish
to wait on fd activity instead of polling unnecessarily.

Please can all frontend maintainers check I have not made a glaring
error on their platform as this is pretty invasive for such a small
cleanup. Especially ChrisY needs to check the amiga frontend as that
used to rely on a config to schedule curl directly which is no longer

This change should improve the overall code cleanliness and gets us
much closer to being able to have frontends run their own dispatch

Regards Vincent

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