libcss and libhubbub in Fedora

David Tardon dtardon at
Fri Jan 10 16:24:40 GMT 2014


I have packaged libcss, libhubbub and their dependencies
(netsurf-buildsystem, libparserutils and libwapcaplet) for Fedora. They
are available in Rawhide, but I have no plans (so far) to put them into
any released version. The packages needed some tweaks to build as we
(Fedora) need them and there were at least one build warning/error, so I
am going to send patches during the next few days. I am also going to
try the build on other platforms I can get access to: ppc, ppc64, s390
and s390x; these may result in additional patches :-)

My motivation is that I have started to use them in one of my projects
(, which is packaged in
Fedora, so I will eventually need them too. There is really not much
choice when one wants a small and simple C/C++ library for parsing HTML
and CSS (I am not interested in JavaScript and similar trash)...

Btw, congratulations for the libhubbub tree builder API documentation:
it was a piece of cake to implement the callbacks. I wish libcss
selector API was documentated just as well: I had to look into the code
how several of the callbacks are used to implement them (hopefully)

Note that libe-book itself is used in LibreOffice (starting with the
upcoming 4.2), which means that in time the libs will have to be
packaged for other linux distributions too. They will also be bundled
and built inside LibreOffice on Windows and OS X.


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