Fwd: lib64 in pkgconfig file.

Michael Drake tlsa at netsurf-browser.org
Thu Jan 9 17:37:59 GMT 2014

This was sent to me, but belongs here.

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From: Christopher Meng <cickumqt at gmail.com>
Date: 09 Jan 2014 1205
Subject: lib64 in pkgconfig file.


Several lib of netsurf doesn't use cmake or autofool( ;) ) to
configure, so on 64 arch systems, Fedora uses /lib64(now /usr/lib64 as
/usr/lib in i686).

pkgconfig.in contains sample:


Name: libhubbub
Description: HTML5 parsing library
Version: VERSION
Requires: libparserutils
Libs: -L${libdir} -lhubbub
Cflags: -I${includedir}

So we need to patch them everytime in building..

Do we have any plan of moving to cmake or other building systems or
even autofool? ;)

Also, -Werror option shouldn't be enabled in released tarballs since
sometimes we can't build them anymore.


Yours sincerely,
Christopher Meng

Noob here.


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