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Fri Jan 3 00:05:53 GMT 2014

On 2 Jan, Vincent Sanders wrote in message
    <20140102234342.GK6340 at kyllikki.org>:

> The "Fixed in version" should be set to the next release version
> (currently 3.1) I set the field on the one you recently closed for you.
> This is purely so the mantis "change log" and "roadmap" sections get
> updated which is useful when the release notes are written letting us see
> which bugs we fixed in a release.

Thanks; it was the change log that made me ask.

> > Also, should I actually be closing tickets when resolved, or just
> > setting them as "resolved"?
> We are using resolved to mean the separate resolution field has been set
> correctly and the issue was real and is now delt with whereas closed is
> for situations where the issue was not actually resolved (duplicates, not
> actually a bug etc.) very much a developer choice there so up to you.

OK; that makes sense.

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