Your bugs in the tracker

Vincent Sanders vince at
Sun Feb 9 11:28:23 GMT 2014

Can anyone who has an open bugs in our tracker [1] please go and review
your reports. 

We have almost 200 outstanding bugs and it is very hard keeping on top
of them. An number of older bugs are awaiting feedback from the
reporter or no longer apply to current versions.

If you have a bug like this please, please assist us by replying with
requested feedback or adding a note that simply says if the issue is
still reproducible. We are trying to get on top of the bugs for the
next release bug your assistance is appreciated.

As previously mentioned all old accounts and bugs have been imported
from sourceforge but if you no longer remember your user name, have
access to your sourceforge email or other issues logging in just
contact us [2] (please no direct email as it will just add work for us
forwarding it to the role address).

[1] (select "Reported by Me" link)
[2] help at

Regards Vincent

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