Automatic backend selection in nsfb

François Revol revol at
Mon Sep 9 15:46:08 BST 2013

On 07/09/2013 18:26, Brad Conroy wrote:
> I have previously patched netsurf and a couple of test programs to automatically select the appropriate nsfb backend using getenv() if it is not provided as an arg, but it may be useful to have this as the default behavior.
> the following env variables are set:
> xcb -> DISPLAY
> linux framebuffer -> FRAMEBUFFER (and possibly isatty()?)
> vnc -> check port 5900?
> able -> no idea
> For the ones I'm familiar with the order should be wayland,xcb,linuxfb,sdl but I am less familiar with able and vnc.
> I assume Able should fall somewhere around the linuxfb and vnc should
either be first (by checking port 5900)
> or required as an arg.

For SDL you'll want to check those, even though they aren't mandatory:


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