Mac OS X

Vincent Sanders vince at
Sun May 19 10:16:44 BST 2013

We continue to compile for the Mac OS X cocoa frontend on both PowerPC
(OS 10.5 leopard) and x86 (OS 10.6 snow leopard). The Continuous
Integration (CI) system uses two real mac mini computers[1] as build
slaves as Mac OS X cannot currently be reliably cross compiled for.

Recently the PPC CI system build slave (chimera) had a catastrophic
hard drive failure and required a complete OS and development tools
reinstall. This re-install took an extended period of time as the PPC
system is somewhat slow compared to other targets.

Generally we use SSD in our build slaves, however I was unwilling to
bear the cost of a 2.5inch PATA SSD for this system so its been
reinstalled with a reconditioned Seagate 5200 RPM drive.

The cocoa frontend currently has no maintainer and I am interested in
hearing from any actual users to give an indication as to whether it is
worth investing any additional resources on this platform. 

So any actual users or developers, please speak up now!

Note I am not asking for opinion about other considerations such as
diversity and how nice it is to have a wide range of platforms
supported, purely if there are any actual users.

If there are none I shall simply remove these targets from the CI
system on the next occasion this rather old and *very* slow hardware


Regards Vincent

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