Compile errors in libhubbub tests

Craig Barnes craigbarnes85 at
Sat May 4 00:20:16 BST 2013

Hi. When compiling the libhubbub tests from git master using GCC 4.7.2 I get
two warnings, which become errors via -Werror and stop the tests running:

  error: variable `origlen` set but not used [-Werror=unused-but-set-variable]

  error: comparison between `parserutils_error` and `enum hubbub_error`

The following (git format-) patch makes the errors go away and the test suite

Aside: I discovered the errors while working on a hubbub package/binding
for the Lua language, which can be found at:

...if anyone is interested. It's MIT licensed and should be complete in
a few days.

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