dom_hubbub_parser_destroy crash

Martin Bazley martin.bazley at
Thu Mar 21 18:38:25 GMT 2013

The following bytes were arranged on 21 Mar 2013 by Daniel Silverstone :

> On Thu, Mar 21, 2013 at 05:29:42PM +0000, Martin Bazley wrote:
> > The one thing it really would be useful to have a summary of are all the
> > commit messages, which can currently only be found by interactively
> > searching for "commitdiff".
> I'm more likely to rewrite the script entirely at some point, so I
> don't really want to hack on it more for now.
> If you're up for it, I can send you the script, you can amend it and send it
> back.

That depends entirely on what language it's written in, and how easy it
would be to test any changes made.  (As in, do I have to wait for
someone to commit something, then send out an email to the mailing list
and cross my fingers?)

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