New textareas and text inputs

Chris Young chris.young at
Wed Feb 13 20:38:31 GMT 2013

On Tue, 12 Feb 2013 15:40:13 +0000 (GMT), Michael Drake wrote:

> In article <531c85f3cdtlsa at>,
>    Michael Drake <tlsa at> wrote:
> >   New features:
> >     - The textarea is auto scrolled as you drag a selection.
> More new features:
>    - Double click in a textarea selects a word.
>    - Triple click in a textarea selects a paragraph.
> Note that this depends on the front end passing the double and triple
> click events to the core.  I have updated the GTK, Framebuffer and RISC OS
> front ends to do so.

The AmigaOS frontend already sent double-clicks.  I've added
triple-click support.

The new textarea is working well here.  I'm getting strange effects on
the last line of multi-line areas on occasion (maybe when the last
line is the first line of a line which extends onto the next line? -
if that makes sense!), but I haven't been able to reproduce it on

What happens is that NetSurf displays the correct thing, but the caret
stops before the end of the line, as if something different is there.

I'm also getting a serious memory leak during usage, but I'm not sure
if that is related to the new textareas, JavaScript or something else
- all I know is that it appears to have started within the last week
(and it isn't my box redraw queue - I've checked that), and typing
things into textareas eventually grinds to a halt (due to lack of
memory - although it might not be the typing into textareas which is
the cause)

I'll run with JavaScript disabled for a bit in case it is related to


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