New clipboard API for front ends, and textarea progress

Michael Drake tlsa at
Mon Feb 11 13:56:00 GMT 2013

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   Michael Drake <tlsa at> wrote:

> Once all that's done I can look at plugging it into the HTML content
> handler's forms.

That's now done.  So forms are now using the textarea widget for:

   + INPUT element type TEXT
   + INPUT element type PASSWORD
   + TEXTAREA element

The forms elements are still forced to BOX_INLINE_BLOCK, since changing
what would require extensive and fiddly changes to layout.  So that can
wait for the layout engine rewrite.  :)

There are some remaining issues, main ones being:

  - There is currently no way to provide a clip rectangle for the native
    caret rendering, so if you give a textarea widget focus and scroll it,
    the caret will be rendered outside the textarea.

  - Selecting text in a textarea widget doesn't cause any existing
    selections elsewhere in the window to be cleared.



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