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Sun Aug 18 16:45:26 BST 2013

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   Chris Young <chris.young at> wrote:

> I'm still seeing the old-style hotlist here (yes, I have the option
> set, and am using the latest build from the master branch[1]).

Odd.  The old tree code, that the front ends use currently, should just be
detecting that temp_treeview_test is set, and redirecting calls to the new
treeiew.  So that behaviour is all in the core, and it's working when used
from GTK and RISC OS front ends.

Do you get the "Loading hotlist" LOG messages from desktop/hotlist.c's

> Also, the SSL certificate tree is now rendering (or, rather, not
> rendering) as completely blank.

What page are you testing on?  The only site I can find with an SSL cert
problem is

(Also working on GTK and RISC OS.)


Michael Drake (tlsa)        

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