New treeview

Chris Young chris.young at
Sun Aug 18 16:18:30 BST 2013

On Sat, 17 Aug 2013 19:54:55 +0100, Michael Drake wrote:

> I've just pushed a partial new implementation of the Hotlist.
> To see it in action, either set temp_treeview_test:1 in the
> Choices file, or pass --temp_treeview_test=1 when you execute NetSurf.

I'm still seeing the old-style hotlist here (yes, I have the option
set, and am using the latest build from the master branch[1]).

Also, the SSL certificate tree is now rendering (or, rather, not
rendering) as completely blank.

The global history and cookie trees are showing up fine and didn't
require any prodding.

[1] Built by U-Poseidon\Chris (Chris) from master at revision
(I tried the Jenkins build previously and that was no better)

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