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The reason perl is not available is not due to it being on the file system
or not etc -- node-gyp was engineered for the purposes of cross-platform
compilation, so that nodejs native extensions would be easily compiled on
windows platforms as well.  I'm not about to re-engineer node-gyp as it is
not my project, the nodejs core are the ones who maintain it.  node-gyp
isn't perfect, but it's a big improvement over what was available at the

I'm merely trying to create something that is easy for people to use.  I
understand from your perspective that if people have trouble, it may be
difficult to pin-point the version of code used, but I prefer ease of
installation for developers in this case.

You guys won't have to make any guarantees about compilation or runtime
here as I'll take it on my own to get things working for users should they
have questions, however I doubt this would be the case as there are very
few nodejs developers compared to other languages, and it's pretty unlikely
that many would use my library over the numerous html parsing libraries
already available for nodejs. I would be very surprised if more than 20
developers use this library.

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dsilvers at> wrote:

> On Fri, Oct 26, 2012 at 05:53:34AM -0700, Dean Mao wrote:
> > Yeah sorry, I will submodule the stuff soon-ish, however there were a f=
> > things that can't be easily submoduled, like the &
> > which were generated from a perl script.  I can't count on perl being on
> > the system, or in the path.  The build system is the nodejs standard,
> > node-gyp so it's easier if makefiles are not used in this case.  The us=
> > will simply do a "npm install hubbub" and node-gyp would download,
> compile,
> > and install the binaries.
> >
> > What are your suggestions regarding some of these things?
> Regarding and I'd suggest that you branch our rep=
> into your github and simply maintain a commit on top which adds those if
> you
> truly cannot rely on Perl being available.  (I'd note that almost every
> distro
> under the sun has sufficient perl in its base installation though).
> As for Makefiles not being acceptable to 'node-gyp' it sounds like you
> need to
> fix node-gyp (or make it run an external process which can call make) --
> we are
> very very unlikely to make guarantees that things will compile if you
> don't use
> our Makefiles.
> D.
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