javascript support in netsurf

m0n0 ole at
Mon Jan 23 09:45:30 GMT 2012

 Hello Steven,

>as a weekend project I integrated spidermonkey's javascript
>functionality into netsurf;

 nice to see someone is picking up on that. :)

 - alert (only 1 per time)

 I couldn't find that, also it will require an call into frontend code. 
 Btw. alert is part
 of window object. window is the global object, and therefore it is ok 
 to write alert()
 instead of window.alert().

 - document.URL

 That's probably subject to common string "getter" code?


 At least on my system I wouldn't use alloca() for user supplied data

 - img-onclick

 I'll have to find that, too.

> Thx for your comments
 I think there needs to be some auto-generator code / structures for the
 Javascript to Browser/DOM glue. At least the getters for DOM attributes
 and styles can probably generated by an script? And the generator must 
 disturb of development of custom JavaScript glue. Maybe the libcss 
 script is an good example on how to implement such thing?


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