Doing a native RISC OS build

W P Blatchley w.blatchley at
Wed Jan 18 06:04:16 GMT 2012

On Tue, 17 Jan 2012 13:00:13 +0100, John-Mark Bell wrote:

> It wouldn't work, that's for sure, as the input is a unix path. It
> sounds like GCC4 for RISC OS no longer ships with the additional
> utilities that GCC3 did. I suggest you install coreutils somewhere
> sensible:

Thanks, JMB. It hadn't quite clicked that everything is unix-style in the  
build system. I'd already looked on for a touch port, but not  
found it in coreutils. All sorted now. Still can't get a build working on  
RISC OS using GCC4.1.1, but managed to build some components with GCC3.  
Sometime in the future I'll try harder with GCC4.

@Rob, I know you're right - I should invest the time to get the GCCSDK up  
and running, but being only a casual Linux user, that's not trivial for me  
and I don't have time right now. Thanks for the tip anyway.

Would be interested to hear from anyone who is building Netsurf and  
dependencies on RISC OS with GCC4...



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