Redraw core select menu after selection

Michael Drake tlsa at
Sun Feb 26 17:06:31 GMT 2012

In article
<OUT-4F4A1E0A.MD-1.4.17.chris.young at>,
   Chris Young <chris.young at> wrote:

> It is only the redraw of the select form that isn't working (and if I
> expand the menu clear so it redraws the area above, it redraws it
> fine), animated GIFs, text areas, radio buttons etc are all drawing
> perfectly when modified.  It seems to be something particular to that
> html_redraw_a_box call.  Any ideas?

I can't think of anything at the moment.  All the textarea, and animated
GIF update stuff goes through html_redraw_a_box too.


Michael Drake (tlsa)        

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