Redraw core select menu after selection

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Sun Feb 26 11:08:40 GMT 2012

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   Chris Young <chris.young at> wrote:
> Hi

> Where is the code to redraw the core select menu, after the user has
> selected something?  I can see where it clears the menu area (line 220
> of html_interaction.c), but it doesn't redraw the original form item
> at that point.  It is getting redrawn somewhere else though, as I'm
> getting artifacts from old redraws over the area, but it doesn't
> update as it should.

In render/form.c, in at the end of form_select_process_selection() it
calls html_redraw_a_box() to redraw the actual select form element box
with the new text.


Michael Drake (tlsa)        

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