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Ole ole at
Sat Dec 22 13:45:37 GMT 2012

 Am Samstag, den 22.12.2012, 13:33 +0100 schrieb "Chris Young" 
 <chris.young at>:

> I'm not sure the reasoning behind implementation is the correct one,
> but I do like the concept, especially for power users and developers
> who need to change advanced options during run-time.

 Right. I also think that way.

 But this was discussed on IRC and John Mark Bell is against such 
 int the "core".

 I understand JMB's reasons but I do not agree with it. Personally I 
 that more features in the core is better than less features. But JMB
 wants the core to be feature rich on HTML rendering, not option 

 He also dislikes the treeview idea... but that makes porting much
 more comfortable... I do not agree on the idea that the treeview 
 look "native". That's mostly because of it's background colour ;)
 During treeview redraw you can use an font for plotting which fits your
 system font,... and also the treeview icons can be made customized for
 your frontend.



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