scrolling jerky

Chris Young chris.young at
Sun Apr 29 23:17:40 BST 2012

On Sun, 29 Apr 2012 22:21:31 +0100, Steve Fryatt wrote:

> > I suspect rectangle-copy would be a fine addition to the plotter
> > interface.
> The other addition that I've been wondering about since frames moved to the
> core is a scroll-bar plotter, which frontends could implement if they didn't
> want the core's default look.
> From a RISC OS perspective I think this would be best done by offering
> plotter functions that just plotted the components, instead of telling the
> frontend about the concept of a scroll bar,

Of course, on RISC OS that's easy, as you can just pick the individual
sprites out of Resources: and plot them like any other NetSurf bitmap.

Not sure I can do that here, I'd have to play around with GM_RENDER
and see if it lets me plot the images of arbitrary gadgets without
attaching them to a window.

I see a slight problem in the positioning of the scrollbar arrows.  On
RISC OS they are at opposite ends of the scrollbar.  On AmigaOS they
are all grouped in the bottom-right hand corner.  GTK I think combines
these two approaches (but I suspect that is configurable).  The
relative sizes would also need to be taken into account.

> because getting the RISC OS
> Window Manager to put a 'real' bar into a NetSurf window and only show the
> bits that are needed

You mean, like a scrollbar that is half-way off the visible page?  I
think that is impossible here too, without defining the entire page as
a virtual gadget to attach it to.  That is basically more hassle than
it is worth.


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