Conversion from SVN to Git

Daniel Silverstone dsilvers at
Sat Apr 28 12:55:33 BST 2012


On Sunday July 1st we will be switching from the Subversion VCS to the Git
DVCS.  I will be organising test repository copies in the coming couple of
weeks and we will be organising access control etc over the subsequent weeks.
Everyone who wishes to push to the master repositories will need to have ssh
working with git.  Anonymous clone with git:// protocol will be supported and I
am working on a simple client for platforms which currently do not support git,
but I cannot guarantee it will be ready in time.

If anyone has a *very* good reason for not doing this, speak up now.  The
following are not considered good reasons:

 * But I don't understand Git
 * Waaah I hate Git
 * Git doesn't work on my obscure $platform (We'd rather fix Git than hold off
   getting away from svn)



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