Text box redraws

Peter Slegg p.slegg at scubadivers.co.uk
Thu Apr 19 19:22:43 BST 2012

Hi all,

I am using 2.9 on a 68060 Atari clone (Milan) and it is starting to
become my default browser.

I have noticed that when typing into a text box, Netsurf redraws all
of the text with each key press. On fast machines you probably
don't notice but it does slow things down quite a bit on the Milan.

Would it be possible to just render the latest character or the
current line ?  Obviously once input reaches the right margin and the
box has to be scrolled horizontally it must redraw all the text
but that could also be made more slick by moving the text across by
more than one char, reducing redraws.

Also, after the first 5-7 characters there is a pause before any more
input is accepted. I have seen this a few times but will keep an eye
on it to see if it is a regular occurrence.



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