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> Is there any overarching function I can pass these events to to make
> this work, or is there no API for scrolling frames from the frontend?

No, not yet.  I've got as far as thinking about it, but I'm doing other
things atm.

> I can see a potential problem in that the frontend won't know which
> frame the mouse is over, so maybe all scroll events (except physically
> dragging frontend scrollbars) need to be passed via the core?

My plan is to make a function front ends can call for scroll wheel
scrolls.  The front end would call it, probably saying how many px to
scroll in which direction, and then internally the 'deepest' thing*
capable of being scrolled further in that direction would consume the

*things are: frames, iframes, boxes with overflow:scroll, textareas, etc.

If nothing could be scrolled further in that direction the function would
return this fact to the front end, and then the front end would scroll the
main window, if it's scrollable.

Keyboard scrolling is more of a problem as it's less obvious where the
scroll should end up.  Probably the last (i)frame to be clicked in is
where the input should go.


Michael Drake (tlsa)        

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