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Michael Drake tlsa at
Wed Jun 22 10:45:49 BST 2011

In article <3ef0bc8c7ad.fcab652 at>,
   Chris Young <chris.young at> wrote:

> bw->focus is NULL at this point which is causing the problem. As there
> are keypresses in that function for Select All, I think bw->focus
> isn't getting set somewhere and should never be NULL.

Focus is set when you click in a window.  (When the front end passes the
click to the core.)  I'd not seen this problem because on the RISC OS and
GTK front ends, keypresses are not passed to the core until the browser
window is clicked in.  The URL bar has focus when windows are first opened.

I'll either make the core ignore keypresses when focus is unset or give it
to the root level browser window by default (which may be a frameset once
frames are handled in the core).



Michael Drake (tlsa)        

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