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Michael Drake tlsa at
Wed Jun 15 12:53:10 BST 2011

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   Michael Drake <tlsa at> wrote:

> The main things to be aware of are:

>  a. They currently lack scrollbars
>  b. Text selection with iframes is a bit funny
>  c. Dragging box scrollbars inside iframes might not work
>  d. The core form select widget isn't redrawn in iframes
>  e. Pasting into form text inputs & textareas doesn't work in iframes.

> b: Text selection is odd because of the current_redraw_browser hack that
>    needs to be removed.  Selection may also need some more work to handle
>    browser windows not having their own gui window too.

Having looked, 'd' also requires current_redraw_browser.


Michael Drake (tlsa)        

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